Aiming to create a modern learning environment, ROYAL SCHOOL maintains and optimizes the school’s facilities in order to implement advanced teaching methods in conjunction with a highly-qualified teaching faculty to help the students develop themselves to their full potential.

Along with the modern infrastructure which includes high-quality equipment and classrooms such as art rooms, music rooms, computer rooms, English rooms with smart boards and more, ROYAL SCHOOL hopes to become a second home where every student can study in a completely safe environment and is supported and encouraged to achieve their goals.


ROYAL SCHOOL has invested in building a system of rooms including modern functional rooms designed to suit the students’ ages. These rooms are equipped with high-tech teaching and learning equipment. They include a newly designed modern library with a variety of books, a 3D cinema, a fully functional and spacious sports complex, and outdoor playgrounds ...

Royal School is proud to provide an ideal learning environment, meeting the needs of skill development and cultivating good moral values for each student with a solid foundation of knowledge from the harmonious combination of the Cambridge International Program and the Vietnamese MOET Program. An open and dynamic environment will always be an important factor that inspires them and helps them to unlock their full potential.


ROYAL SCHOOL provides a variety of Vietnamese – Asian – European dishes that help create the most delicious meals for every student and ensure that the students are provided with balanced nutrition. Each meal is processed at the school and is prepared by professional chefs who have been officially trained.

At ROYAL SCHOOL, food safety and hygiene are the top criteria that have been strictly implemented in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health. The kitchen is arranged on a one-way basis, the rooms are solidly built with open air-flow and everything is hygienic. In addition, the school focuses on a strict selection of safe food sources that have transparent documentation showing its origin.

Health Care

In addition to the periodic health check-up program, ROYAL SCHOOL always ensures safety and hygiene because every student needs a safe environment to study, grow and be taken care of in the best conditions possible. ROYAL SCHOOL always has highly-experienced specialists who are always on duty at the school to provide first aid and support the students in emergency cases.

Moreover, ROYAL SCHOOL also has a team of psychological advisors that provides essential information for students when needed.

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