As a member of Cambridge International School System, ROYAL SCHOOL stands out with its international standard facilities, giving students the best conditions for development. ROYAL SCHOOL always focuses on providing a safe, comfortable and inspiring learning environment for students to unleash their creativity, experience and maximize their potential for future success.


The classrooms are designed in a dynamic and convenient way. Depending on the age of the students, the classrooms will be arranged with appropriate tables and chairs. In addition, each classroom is also equipped with personal cabinets, projectors, etc., to facilitate the students’ learning. Moreover, the classroom corner is decorated with wall newspapers and green space, making every school day of the students more enjoyable and energetic.


The Science Lab is equipped with a full range of modern equipment to meet the students’ needs in learning and doing scientific research while creating favorable conditions for the students to approach and adapt quickly to the changes in the 4.0 technology era.


With a thorough investment from stage to musical instrument, the Music Room at ROYAL SCHOOL provides students with favorable conditions to develop emotional quotient (EQ), and confidence to express their talents and passion. With a full range of musical instrument from traditional to modern ones such as lute, drum, trumpet, piano, and organ, the Music Room is an ideal place that brings youth and dynamism while fostering music talents.

The Art Room of ROYAL SCHOOL is fully equipped with drawing boards, painting tools, specialized brushes, crayons, etc., to meet the learning needs of the students, as well as helping them to develop their artistic abilities and creativity. At ROYAL SCHOOL, students have the opportunities to practice art appreciation and increase their love of life through the art lessons conducted in a green natural setting.


The ICT Lab possesses a modern computer system and essential softwares for office, art, and design. In addition, it is also equipped with high-speed internet connection to help students access knowledge and skills of information technology from basic to advanced - an extremely important factor in the digital age.


The library is designed colorfully and equipped with a variety of Vietnamese and foreign books that are arranged by subject, by topic and by the age groups of the students from kindergarten to high school. It is not only an ideal place for self-study and group work but also opens up the opportunities for students to discover the world through books.


The sports facilities system includes multi-sport court, swimming pool and sports hall with standard design for safety and flexibility, giving students a variety of spaces to exercise and do their best in the sports competitions at the school level and others.


ROYAL SCHOOL harmoniously combines between the modern facilities and the green natural space. This helps to create an optimal environment for students to relax and explore the beauty of nature easily, while inspiring creativity and stimulating the development of senses in the students.


ROYAL SCHOOL provides a variety of dishes that help create the most delicious meals for every student and ensure that the students are provided with balanced nutrition. Each meal is processed at the school and is prepared by professional chefs who have been officially trained. Here food safety and hygiene are the top criteria that have been strictly implemented.

The kitchen is arranged on a one-way basis, the rooms are solidly built with open air-flow and everything is hygienic. In addition, the school focuses on a strict selection of safe food sources that have transparent documentation showing its origin.


The Medical Room is equipped with essential health care equipment and tools with the operation of a specialist doctor and a team of dedicated medical staff who are always on duty at school to ensure the health of students in the best conditions. Moreover, ROYAL SCHOOL also has a team of psychological advisors that provides essential information for students when needed.