ROYAL International Bilingual School (Royal School) is a member of HUTECH Education, which provides a multi-level education model from Kindergarten to Primary, Secondary and High School.

Royal School aims to provide a world-class education in both the English and Vietnamese languages with the combination of the National Education Program and Cambridge International Education Program, to foster a solid foundation for future success.


What sets Royal School apart is the modern and professional learning environment it provides, with the most advanced methods of teaching to provide students with everything they need to develop key skills, language proficiency and academic ability, as well as practical life skills and cultural values.

Royal School aims to build a truly comfortable, friendly and safe environment where every student can experience and get in touch with the world by maximizing their social, emotional and intellectual skills. Students are able to be comfortable with expressing kindness, love and respect, while enjoying significant support to help them make the most of their natural abilities.

To achieve the above statement, Royal School has been building a community of dedicated, highly-experienced domestic and international teachers to provide students with a solid foundation of knowledge, improve their life skills, and help them develop psychologically and emotionally. In addition, regular interactions and close connections between families and the school also play an important role in supporting students to make the most of their abilities, creating an environment of absolute safety and learning in a comfortable setting.

Vision - Mission

The Royal School’s vision is to provide world-class bilingual education in both the English and Vietnamese languages, to foster high achievers who not only excel in independent thinking, but are able to cope with challenges, know how to act on their ambitions through non-stop research and contemplation, as well as being able to contribute positively to their communities in the future.


  • To deliver a harmonious combination of the national and international education programs with a high level of English and Vietnamese language proficiency.
  • To develop public conscientiousness by preserving and promoting Vietnamese cultural values.
  • To promote core skills and values such as integrity, respect and community-mindedness while also dealing with global issues.
  • To create a community of national and international teachers, managers and staff who deliver the Royal School’s education programs with passion and skill, and share the common mission of Vietnam’s education as part of integration with global educational practices.
Philosophy and Approach

Royal School is committed to nurture students through our varied teaching methods, while developing a healthy balance between personal engagement and group-based learning, to maximize each student’s ability to excel as both an individual and as a member of society, as well as becoming valuable “global citizens”.

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