Royal School Phu Lam Campus offers 20% discount on tuition fee: the top choice for an international bilingual environment

This offer is applied to parents who register their children for the International Bilingual Program at Royal School - Phu Lam Campus before July 31st, 2024. In particular, the promotion program applies to students from grade 1 to grade 12 throughout their studies. 

Royal International Bilingual School (Royal School) makes this special offer to Phu Lam Campus students. This is one of the major promotion programs in the school year 2024 - 2025, and it is also a timely and reasonable solution from the school so that parents feel more secure when balancing between family finance and their children’s education.

 Royal School - Phu Lam Campus offers a 20% discount on tuition fee when parents register before July 31st, 2024

Outstanding education quality helps students develop both physically and academically 
Possessing high quality education and modern facilities, Royal School - Phu Lam Campus is trusted by parents for providing students with a familiar and friendly learning environment like at "Home". Students will have 50% of the time learning English, equivalent to 20 English periods/week with foreign teachers. Thanks to this, students are able to develop 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing comprehensively right from the first educational levels.

Interesting training content inspires learning and creativity for students

The curriculum is combined harmoniously between the National Education Program of the Ministry of Education and Training and the Cambridge International Education Program with subjects such as Science, Maths, ESL, and Global Perspectives. With outstanding foreign language foundations built in the early stage, depending on each level, students can take Cambridge English exams and achieve the Cambridge certificates such as Primary/Lower Secondary Checkpoint, IGCSE, A Level, IELTS, etc. They are also necessary "passports" that effectively support students when entering university or studying abroad.


A dynamic and creative learning environment helps students develop comprehensively

In addition, the school also organizes many interesting movements and extracurricular activities to develop students' skills, while taking care of their physical and mental health comprehensively.

Modern learning environment and good student care services
Royal School - Phu Lam Campus is located in a convenient location (02, 2D Street, Nam Hung Vuong Residential Area, An Lac Ward, Binh Tan District), adjacent to two main roads Vo Van Kiet and Kinh Duong Vuong, which helps students get to school conveniently and easily. In addition, the school has a modern and safe school bus system for students in the surrounding areas. Royal School - Phu Lam Campus also has a total area of up to 11,000m2 and a variety of convenient learning and training areas for Kindergarten students such as library, sports complex, playground, football field, swimming pool, etc. These are great places for students to study and exercise every day.


The training space is green and modern

Pioneering in pursuing modern educational philosophy, Royal School always focuses on equipping students with comprehensive knowledge and skills to become "global citizens". The inclusion of the Cambridge International Bilingual Program once again affirms the school's vision and aspirations in bringing the world's leading advanced education to future generations in Vietnam.

To learn more about the promotion program, please contact Royal International Bilingual School (Royal School):

Phu My Hung Campus:

  • 08 Dang Dai Do, Tan Phong Ward, District 7
  • (028) 71 00 78 78
Phu Lam Campus:
  • 02, 2D Street, An Lac Ward, Binh Tan District
  • (028) 71 01 66 69

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