Royal School Phu Lam offers a 20% discount on tuition fee for Kindergarten students 

In school year 2024 - 2025, Royal International Bilingual School (Royal School) Phu Lam campus applies a 20% discount on tuition fee for Kindergarten students during their entire study period. This opens up many opportunities for Kindergarten students to experience a quality international learning environment.

The preferential tuition promotion is applied for Kindergarten students at Phu Lam campus

Royal School with its modern facilities is a place to nurture students' future

Updated curriculum and hands-on learning activities

Kindergarten is always considered an important level of education because this is the stage of developing children's knowledge, cognition and emotions. Therefore, most parents always pay attention to the education programs when choosing a school for their children. When studying at Royal School Phu Lam campus, students will have the opportunity to develop their thinking ability, exploration ability, physical health, and spiritual life. 

Cultural and sports activities in a modern environment bring comprehensive development

With the curriculum harmoniously combined between the National Education Program and the Cambridge English Program, Kindergarten students have many new experiences from their early years. Royal School is also a pioneer school in promoting advanced teaching methods with experiential learning activities. This contributes to building an ideal learning environment for students to comfortably explore new knowledge. 

As a member of HUTECH Education and Cambridge International Education System, Royal School is proud of having a professional foreign teaching team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers. With 50% of the time studying with foreign teachers, students will have an optimal condition to develop their foreign language skills.

Teaching methods are creative and constantly updated and innovated

Modern learning environment and good student care services 
Royal School - Phu Lam Campus is located in a convenient location (02, 2D Street, Nam Hung Vuong Residential Area, An Lac Ward, Binh Tan District), adjacent to two main roads Vo Van Kiet and Kinh Duong Vuong, which helps students get to school conveniently and easily. In addition, the school has a modern and safe school bus system for students in the surrounding areas. Royal School - Phu Lam Campus also has a total area of up to 11,000m2 and a variety of convenient learning and training areas for Kindergarten students such as library, sports complex, playground, multi-sport court, football field, swimming pool, etc. These are great places for students to study and practice every day.


Modern learning space and world-class facilities

Boarding activities at Royal School also receive high appreciation for good student care and nutritional regime. The school always builds a menu with a variety of dishes that are constantly changing to give students a delicious meal. The meals prepared by the well trained chefs of the school always ensure food hygiene and safety.

Students are provided with nutritious meals that ensure food hygiene and safety

To provide students with opportunities to study and enhance their integrated skills in an international environment, Royal School Phu Lam Campus offers an "experiential week" and a 20% discount on tuition fee during the student's study period at Royal Kindergarten. Currently, the school is enrolling Kindergarten students from 18 months to 5 years old. With outstanding advantages, Royal School Phu Lam becomes the priority destination for parents in choosing a school to build their children's future.

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