Royal School Phu My Hung officially applies a 10% discount on tuition fee for the school year 2024 - 2025

Not only does Royal School possess an international standard education program and outstanding teaching quality, the school also helps parents feel secure when enrolling their children by applying a 10% discount on tuition fee throughout the study period.

Applicable for the school year 2024 - 2025, the 10% discount on tuition fee is offered for Parents who enrol their children at Royal International Bilingual School (Royal School) - Phu My Hung Campus before July 31st, 2024. This is also the gratitude of Royal School to Parents for trusting and choosing the school as a companion for their children's education journey.

Royal School offers up to 10% discount on tuition fee when registering before July 31st, 2024

Modern learning space meeting international standards
The first impression when parents visit Royal School - Phu My Hung Campus is the dynamic learning environment with international standard facilities. In addition to modern equipment, the classroom system is also regularly upgraded every year.

Located in the heart of Phu My Hung model urban area, the school possesses an international standard learning space, including a system of modern classrooms and functional rooms such as ICT Lab, Science Lab, Music Room, Art Room, Multi-sport Court, Swimming Pool, etc., providing students with an optimal space to study, play and explore.


 The school possesses modern learning equipment system which is upgraded every year

Spacious multi-sport court

All areas are regularly maintained to ensure they are always in the best operating conditions, serving learning activities of students effectively. In the past school year, Royal School - Phu My Hung Campus also built an additional football field on the rooftop to bring students a new and interesting learning space, stimulating learning inspiration and physical practice. With a colorful learning space, comprehensive education program, and inspirational education philosophy, Royal School is always on the list of ideal international schools for parents and students in the area.

Latest curriculum, dedicated teachers, and friendly classmates
Aiming towards international education and comprehensive development of students, the school focuses on equipping students with the core values: developing learning capacity, fostering essential skills, and taking care of spiritual life. Accordingly, the school always implements harmoniously between the national education program of the Ministry of Education and Training and the Cambridge International Education Program for students. In addition, the school applies teaching content and training programs in creative and new ways every year.
Additionally, the school aslo organizes clubs, contests, and experiential activities to equip students with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills so that they are ready to become confident global citizens.


Teachers always accompany and support students with love and enthusiasm

During the learning process, Royal School students are always supported and given useful advice by the teachers.  The foreign and Vietnamese teachers are friendly, dedicated, and always respect students' opinions. Teachers are like companions, working with students to build meaningful and quality lessons. The teachers all possess high expertise and especially great love of profession, are enthusiastic and dedicated, so they quickly receive the trust of students and parents.

Being dynamic and creative in each activity, Royal School students also have the added advantage of solidarity, attachment, and always supporting each other in learning and training. Through this, they are able to create memorable moments together on their journey of growing up.

Register before July 31st to receive a 10% discount on tuition fee throughout the study period
The quality of teaching is increasingly improving, students continuously achieve good results in local and international competitions, making Royal School popular with a large number of parents. The need to learn about education programs and register to study at the school has also increased since then.

Royal School students are cared and nutured well for comprehensive development

To create the best conditions for parents and students when registering at school in the school year 2024 - 2025, Royal School offers a 10% discount on tuition fee for students from grade 1 to grade 12 when enrolling before July 31st, 2024. The promotion is applied to the International Bilingual Program.

To learn more about the promotion program, please contact Royal International Bilingual School (Royal School):

Phu My Hung Campus:

  • 08 Dang Dai Do, Tan Phong Ward, District 7
  • (028) 71 00 78 78

Phu Lam Campus:

  • 02, 2D Street, An Lac Ward, Binh Tan District
  • (028) 71 01 66 69



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